Wine vs. Beer


Packers vs. Bears

Ali vs. Frazier

Roe v. Wade

U.S.A. vs. Russia

Ohio State vs. Michigan

Red Sox vs. Yankees

Kennedy vs. Nixon

Coke vs. Pepsi

Boxers vs. Briefs


Rivals. There have been many great ones in the history of sports, politics and the world, but none have matched the recent attention of a new battle that’s been brewing (or fermenting). Welcome to the Wine vs. Beer showdown.


A rivalry doesn’t have to be a battle of Good vs. Evil or I’m Right vs. You’re Wrong…but it does have to involve a subject matter that is ripe with passion. It must have two sides that believe in themselves and both must have a large following. Both must grip their glass firmly.


That grip has just gotten tighter in the beverage world thanks to the new-found throng of beer fans that have whipped themselves into a frothy frenzy over the explosion of new micro and nano-brewery start-ups. There are now more beer choices than the world market has ever seen and more hoppy and malty flavors of top-notch brew from which to choose. While beer drinkers could always match wine lovers in numbers, they can now compete in the longstanding bar stool argument of quality and complexity.




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